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Yanggu Xiagong Forging Co. Ltd is located in the hero Wu Song beaten- tiger's  hometown-Yanggu County of Shandong Province, and it takes the total area of 50000 square meters with independent innovation capacity of high-tech enterprise and independent intellectual property rights to master advanced mold design and development and manufacture of core technology, using cold forging technology, professional manufacturing engineering, mining and other tools and auto parts.
The company adopts the international advanced level of automatic production line equipment and advanced production technology scheme and specializes in the production of engineering machine tool, automobile, motorcycle parts and various specifications of forging products. According to the processing of products, the introduction of more than 100 sets of general and special processing equipment. The main equipment has high-tech welding automation equipment, 1250 tons and various models of hydraulic machine, various types of cold heading machine, mesh belt furnace, CNC lathe, automatic saponification of phosphorus line, vacuum resistance furnace, shot blasting machine etc.. The company's products are mainly exported to Australia, Europe, Africa and domestic market.
The endless pursuit of development is our developing ideas. our developing strategy is: "technology core, giving priority to efficiency, innovation driven, accelerate development", to create "high quality, high benefit, professional" as the characteristics, with the core competitiveness and influential in the industry enterprises, to create "Jiangbei the first green forging base"!
Xiagong forging all employees will constantly strive to provide better products and more satisfied service for customers, and become your best partner!

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